Why did you choose Jaimi Bailey Photography for your Boudoir Session?

“Long time customer! Major plus that you always make me feel at ease.

What was something you loved most about your session?

“Really feeling comfortable and beautiful in my own skin.”

How did Jaimi make you feel during your photography session? “CONFIDENT!”

How did you feel before you session, and then immediately after?

“Excited but with some nerves beforehand, on top of the world after!”

What would you say to someone who’s thought about booking? “100% do it, run don’t walk!”

Is there anything you feel that Jaimi could add to the experience?

“Nope, I’m grateful for everything you did to make it so amazing!”

April 2, 2021


  1. Debbie Sexton says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! You can tell how confident Emily feels during her session. I especially love the last pic as she’s saying “I got this!” both the session and the arrival of her precious daughter! Nailed it again Jaimi Bailey!

  2. Megan Lohner says:

    This is 100% making me want to do a maternity boudoir session someday! Gorgeous mama

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