Why did you choose Jaimi Bailey Boudoir for your session?

“Because I knew Jaimi would make me feel most comfortable. My body is the thing I’m most insecure about but I just knew she would be the person to hype me up & make me feel like I was still beautiful.”

What was something you loved most about your session?

“I loved ALL of it, I’m not sure I could choose just one thing. Jaimi is great, Alexis & Krista are great, the whole experience was AMAZING!”

How did Jaimi make you feel during your photography session?

“She made me feel like a bad bitch (in the best way possible & sorry for the language).”

How did you feel before your session, and then immediately after?

“Before my session I was so nervous, I had a knot in my stomach & after I just felt so confident and sassy!”

What would you say to someone who’s thought about booking?

“DO IT! Even if you think you can’t because you’re insecure, I promise YOU CAN & you’re going to feel absolutely AMAZING after.”

Is there anything you feel that Jaimi could do to add to the experience? “No ma’am, she is perfect!”

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July 20, 2021


  1. Nichole says:

    The black and white photo with the window reflections is PERFECTION

  2. Amber Shores says:

    Love! I love how comfortable you make people feel and hearing how empowered these beautiful ladies feel after their time with you! Very tasteful! Can’t wait to be able to schedule an experience with you for myself!!!

  3. Cameron Loy says:

    This looks like such an amazing and empowering experience!

  4. Megan Lohner says:

    I LOVE the pink sweater in this session. So classy and still so sexy!

  5. Kristie smith says:

    I love all the colors in these outfits. The pink sweater is so cute and I love how it’s still sexy!

  6. Daylin says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I would love to have this experience!

  7. Vanessa Albanese says:

    Gorgeous photos. I love this. I can definitely relate after having a baby a year ago and having insecurities I didn’t always have before. I hope to one day get some beautiful shots like this.

  8. Lisa Suter says:

    I love the confidence and self love you inspire among us all!!

  9. Renee says:

    OMG!!! I LOVE THIS!!! YOUR BEAUTIFUL!! I’m so nervous and insecure! I can’t wait to be able to do this!!

  10. Hanna says:

    Absolutely love the way you make woman feel comfortable in their own skin

  11. I’m getting married in February I have always wanted to do this:)

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