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Boudoir Client Experience: Jessica

Shooting with this working momma was an absolute DREAM.

Jessica had been following my journey for a while and was waiting for her moment to have a boudoir session. And boy when that day came it was everything MAGICAL!

From getting full glam with my amazing hair and makeup team and sipping on some delicious mimosas, to real-life chats and choosing the perfect pieces of lingerie for our stunning Jessica – this boudoir session was one for the books.

Jaimi Bailey Boudoir Photo Shoot

Why did you choose Jaimi Bailey Boudoir for your session? “I love Jaimi’s style and lightness of her photos.”

How did you feel during your boudoir session? “AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL!”

What was something you loved most about your boudoir session? “The laughter, light conversation and Jaimi’s way of making me feel welcomed and safe.

How did you feel before your boudoir session, and then immediately after? “I was nervous at first, but when I left I was on a high and couldn’t stop looking in the mirror.”

Jaimi Bailey Boudoir Photo Shoot
Jaimi Bailey Boudoir Photo Shoot

What would you say to someone who’s has thought about booking a boudoir session? ” 100% DO IT! And consider booking it with Jaimi Bailey Boudoir before searching for other people.”

Is there anything you feel that I could add to the experience? “This is so hard, I can’t think of anything since this was my first photo shoot. You’re Amazing!

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March 9, 2021

Boudoir Client Experience: Jessica

  1. Emily Andre says:

    I love the confidence you bring out in your clients! Such an inspiring talent!

  2. Madison Barlow says:

    I absolutely love the work you do! She is absolutely beautiful! All these women are so beautiful! I recently just had a baby and I definitely know how some of these women are feeling. It’s just amazing how your work can boost women’s self confidence and make them feel amazing in there own skin!

  3. Abby says:

    Jessica you are drop-dead gorgeous!! And Jamie and team it is clear you ladies have a gift for making every woman embrace their beauty and sensuality!

    • Jaimi Bailey says:

      Thank you Abby! It’s our ultimate goal to reach all women and have them feel confident and beautiful in their own skin!

  4. Theron says:

    My wife is so amazingly beautiful and sexy to me. I know I’m biased but I do see beauty in just about everyone and her hidden beauty is a treat. But she doesn’t see it all the time and I bet a well documented photo session like this would help make it obvious and remind her all the time how truly sexy she is.

    • Jaimi Bailey says:

      It’s something we all struggle with, and Boudoir sessions can really help in the self love journey. Everyone leaves being glad they did the shoot!

  5. Kasia says:

    I love your pictures and how you bring confidance, beauty and sexiness in your models..
    I’ve been thinking about session for myself for a while. I just need to find my confidance.

    • Jaimi Bailey says:

      Thank you so much! I know booking the session can seem hard to do when you aren’t feel confident, but just remember the session itself is to help with that! Everyone leaves feeling more confident, than they did before. I’m here whenever you are ready!

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