I'm Jaimi Bailey, a Raleigh, NC based boudoir photographer and I love celebrating women just like you. I know that loving yourself can be a journey and I am just so happy that you've chosen to trust in me to bring out the best in you.

hey love

-You Can do hard things

Would you believe that I'm an introvert? Probably not. But I am. Being in crowds or going someplace I don't know gives me anxiety. I enjoy being home in my comfies and watching FRIENDS over and over. My family and I are originally from Richmond, VA but we moved to Raleigh around 2016 and we love it!

I've been  a Boudoir photographer exclusively since 2020. Thats correct. Right in the mist of Covid, I decided that my true passion is encouraging and supporting women in their self love journeys - and I've never looked back.

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