I'm Jaimi Bailey, a Raleigh, NC based boudoir photographer and I love celebrating women just like you. I know that loving yourself can be a journey and I am just so happy that you've chosen to trust in me, to bring out the best in you!

hey lovely!

mother of three

Would you believe that I'm an introvert? Probably not. But I am. Being in crowds or going someplace I don't know gives me anxiety. I enjoy being home in my comfies and watching FRIENDS over and over! My family and I are originally from Richmond, VA. We moved to Raleigh about 5 years ago and we love it! I've been exclusively a Boudoir photographer since 2019. Thats right. Right in the mist of Covid, I decided that my true passion is encouraging and supporting women in their self love journeys!

a little bit about me


I love tacos.
I love chips and dip.
I love tequila!
Always easy to throw together, can't really mess it up, and just puts you in a great mood! 

ONE. Tacos!

Because I know we all love food

water water

My in-laws had a lake house right on the water for about 7 years. It was a place where we gathered, where we dropped the day to day stresses and got to just be together. One of my goals for this business is to be able to purchase our own place there someday! 

two. Lake Gaston

Any other water lovers?

tidy & clean

I literally can't do anything until my space is clean. I love to clean; it's a big stress reliever. Cleaning gives me a sense of control and the end result gives me peace. 

three. Cleanliness

Are you also a clean freak?

audio books

I'm CONSTANTLY on the go, or editing or cleaning, so having a good book to listen to while doing all the things is wonderful. Right now I'm re-listening to the Outlander series, BEST BOOKS EVER!

Four. Audible

Yes, I'm a book nerd

glam it up!

I've really gotten into enjoying doing my makeup.  My favorite parts are playing around with colors and techniques. It's an instant mood booster and so fun!

Five. Makeup

Y'all might be able to guess this

am I the gal for you?