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5 Boudoir Prep Tips

As a Boudoir Photographer, I’ve had the experience to know what my clients can do to best prep for their sessions. So here are my top 5 Boudoir prep tips.

Tip 1. Exfoliate/Moisturize

This can make a huge difference in your images. When you don’t take care of your skin and especially your face, you skin can look rough, dry, and flaky. This on your face makes makeup really hard to keep on and look good. So the night before, take a nice hot shower, shave, and exfoliate! Hop out and grab your oils and lotions, because these are best applied to clean warm skin!

Tip 2. Carefully choose your outfits

Be sure to give yourself time to find outfits that you love. Get a couple of options and then try them on and make sure you’re comfortable and feel good in them. I know we all have certain areas we haven’t quite learned how to love yet (it’s hard), so if you’re a little sensitive about your stomach, I’d go with a bodysuit. If it’s arms, choose a set with sleeves, you get the idea. Remember you don’t have to always do lingerie, you can do an oversized t-shirt or sweater. You can do a cute cozier set like Calvin Kleins, and a button up shirt is a great choice too!

Tip 3. Come clean and fresh

I suggest washing your hair the night before, this eliminates it being too fresh but steers away from being too oily. Shower (please), shave (if you’d like), nails done (neutral preferred), and please please please do not put any makeup on the morning of. That also means no makeup on from the day before! One extra tip, arrive in something loose, and no bra …why? because these leave marks/indentions on your skin. You’ll be sitting getting hair and makeup done for about an hr, so this important.

Tip 4. Waxing & Tanning

I 100% understand wanting to be baby smooth and sun-kissed, and I want you to feel as sexy as possible. So should you choose to wax and or tan please be sure to do this a couple of days prior to your session (esp if you’ve never done either). Spray tan’s are tricky because you sometimes get dark orange spray around your hands and feet. This goes for waxing as well, waxing can leave your skin red and possible irritated. Book these apts a few days before hand so that your skin can be ready for the day of your shoot!

Tip 5. Make your own playlist

This session usually makes clients a bit nervous, which is totally understandable. To get yourself pumped up and in the zone, I suggest coming up with your own playlist that can be played during your session. Nothing gets you in the zone like music!

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September 13, 2021

5 Boudoir Prep Tips

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