What to know what in the world you should wear for you engagement session? With me and honestly most portrait photographers, you get to have two outfits. Why? because it offers the chance to get done up, HAMU, fancy outfit, and some heels. It also then allows for a more casual look, something low key […]

Why do I want a Lifestyle session? What if my home isn’t Insta worthy? What do we even do? All valid questions and I can answer them all. Hi! I’m Jaimi Bailey, I’m a natural light portrait photographer based in Raleigh, NC. I love to travel for all of my fun loving couples and families. […]

Powerhouse Event Venue Spring Inspired Wedding Chad Biggs, with Chad Biggs event planning and design, as well as the creative genius of Perfect Palette Floral, is an ALL STAR!  This was the second shoot in two days with these floral arrangements. Perfect Palette Floral wanted to use these petals to their fullest potential, and I […]

Spring at The Bradford Elegant spring bridal shoot  Planning a Spring wedding and having a hard time finding something classic and elegant? This bridal shoot at The Bradford, in New Hill North Carolina, is the perfect example of how to make a statement with details. I teamed up with some incredibly talented Raleigh vendors, and […]

I had never even been past the point where you pick up someone, at the airport. I’ve driven up, barely walked in, before I was out again. So needless to say, flying to the Silos, was a big deal for me. Que the anxiety, nervousness, excitement and pepto! This was my first flight ever, and […]

In Home Family Portraits Featuring a Mom who loves DIY Home Decor There’s a perfectly pink girls room, a Harry Potter Nursery! This talented momma knows how to decorate on a budget. Emily and Will have two sweet babies, Liam and Riley. They have just moved into their newly built home just south of Raleigh, […]

Kyle and Victoria’s Golden Hour Exploring Richmond City   I believe it was a solid 45 degrees, and we were quickly taking jackets on and off. Victoria is from New York, so she managed perfectly and Kyle was definitely used to the crazy Virginia temperatures! This sweet couple became engaged in November, during Maymont’s Garden […]

Empowering Women Boudoir’s can be a gift for anyone   We as women are changing. Not only are we are making strides to better ourselves, but we are linking arms with those around us!  Women are empowering other women and it’s magical! Bringing each other together, proclaiming that, YES! we all belong at the table! […]

Remember the days of waking up by noon, throwing something on and texting your guy/gal, “What’s for lunch?”. You’re nearing the end of the school year, one more semester to go and then DONE! These are the best years of your life, right? On top of almost graduating, heading to the “real world” (whatever that […]

“It was really nice, we hadn’t had a morning together in a long time!” When your portrait sessions become day dates. I love that, and it gave me such a great feeling, I was able to give them so much more than just images, I gave them time! These two were so cute and even […]