When walking into Miss Caroline ‘s nursery was a dream! Brittany did such an amazing job decorating her sweet girl’s nursery, I definitely could’ve shot in there all day. Caroline’s newborn lifestyle was done just a few short weeks after her fresh 48 session.  I love being able to still come back up to Richmond […]

I have about 10 items on my bucket list, there’s some traveling, business achievements, family trips, and personal self improvement goals. There’s also something that, to be honest, should ( if it’s not already ) be on every woman’s to do list! A BOUDOIR SESSION! There are so much more to these sessions than hair, […]

Even though I may meet new clients all the time, I honestly have a really hard time being social and interacting with new people. It’s a little funny, seeming how my Job requires to do just that. It’s one thing to be with new clients and create an experience for them, but its a whole […]

The week up until their wedding was probably one of the most stressful times I’ve ever had, in the 6 years that I’ve been in business. I was frantic about making sure I was there for their big day, I didn’t want Hurricane Florence to mess with my plans. Hunter and Courtney were unbelievably understanding […]

Have you not heard about Hurricane Florence? haha, I’m sure that you have! Well she put a major stress on this photographer this past week/end , as well as many others. I had a wedding and then I got a message from Brittany that sweet miss Caroline wanted to go ahead and make her debut! […]

I have three children, as well as a business, home and a marriage to run. Most of the time something is failing, someone is upset, didn’t get what they wanted, dinner came out of a bag , someones bored or the house has exploded. I know that no one mom has it all together, and […]

Boudoir’s have been a great way to celebrate big occasions, whether it’s a special gift for your groom, an anniversary gift, or even something just for yourself! Every woman loves to feel beautiful and sexy for herself and her partner. Stunning portraits can bring out the “model” in you, and a boudoir photography session is […]

I’ve known Kimia for about 2 years now, she is the best friend of my ‘Sister-inlaw’ Lisa, (I say it like that because they are in fact family but technically cousins, but we view them as brother and sister)! When I first met Kimia I could understand immediately why her and Lisa were best friends. […]

Being a natural light photographer is amazing, I love being outside and having a variety of backdrops. My family has recent acquired a beautiful piece of property in Chesterfield County VA and it couldn’t be more perfect for any session. This engagement session had been rescheduled due to rain and we had attempted to shoot […]

First there’s the age old question, “What do we wear?”. Where should we go? Need to make sure everyone has a nap, don’t forget the snacks, make sure the bribes are good! FAMILY PORTRAITS. I believe it’s safe to say that family portraits are every mothers most coveted, as well as dreaded occasion. This is […]