Your Photographer!

This post is long overdue friends, and it’s such an important one! Sharing more about myself, because I feel that connecting with your photographer can really change the whole experience.

Where I Started

I took a film photography class in high school, which is when I started to love creating! Unfortunately, I didn’t pick it back up again until after I was married with kids! My life took off after meeting my now husband, and I was just scrambling to figure it all out!

Can you see why we are doing a vow renewal? haha . Definitely needing a redo on our pictures.

Finally after about 4 years into our marriage and me working several different jobs, I knew something needed to change. We were scrambling to get home, cook dinner, bath and put the kids to bed! Our evenings were shot, and we had no time to spend with each other.

I Picked up my camera and starting shoot friends and family! I not only was starting to bring in income but I was finding my passion. As it goes, friends and family quickly turned into many referrals and I was off! After about a year and a half I was able to be a full time photographer.

My first professional headshot, this was three years into my business. I’m also about 4 months pregnant with Reagan here!

My Process

It took me several years to get an idea of what I loved. After that I did everything I could to educate myself and learn more of my craft from other phenomenal photographers and entrepreneurs!

I’ve done all of the KJ COURSES, I’ve purchased Amy & Jordan’s Posing Course, I’ve gone to Caroline Logans Workshop, attended SHOWIT’s Conference in Arizona, and I’ve been apart of Jasmine Star’s Social Curator! Second shooting was another great learning experience!

Just a few of my mentors and friends I get to shoot with!

I love being a photographer, because it’s really exciting for me to show others how easy and fun being in front of the camera can be! Portraits are for everyone, and I can help make them great!

What now?

Photography is ever changing and I love that I can keep growing and keep fine tuning my style. I mean from where I was, and where I am now is shocking!

My business has changed my life in such a wonderful way. I can have the flexibility to take care of my family, and still pursue my passion to help others document theirs!

May 7, 2020

Your Photographer!

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