What to Wear for my Boudoir

I’m going to dive right into this and tell you what I have seen that looks amazing on my clients! Always go with a one piece, it flatters everyone! It can be sleeveless, or even better with sleeves. I’d also go with darker colors such as, black, navy, maroon, and emerald green. Darker colors are perfect for Boudoirs and look great on camera!

I really love a good garter and thigh high set. It’s a classic, that gives room for some many versatile shots. Don’t forget to grab your heels to add some umph! To the opposite end of this, I would highly recommend something cozy sexy. For instance I love a good Calvin Klein sports bra and boy short set. Grab a little oversized white T, that’ll slide right off of one shoulder!

Accessorize!!!! Add some jewelry, like body chains, hip belts, big beautiful earrings! These are great accents that give you a great glam look. I would stay away from bracelets and rings, I personally think those can be too much.

OK, so now where the hell do you go to buy these things? I gotchu!

My Amazon List , Fashion Nova , Victorias Secret and I really love SKIMS, her style of underwear is cozy yet very sexy.

April 29, 2020

What to Wear for my Boudoir

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