Inspired not Intimidated

how to let go of what’s holding you back

I want you to realize that you CAN do this, and that you should, simply, because you want to! Boudoir sessions can be anything you want them to be, conservative, sensual, fun and elegant.

My biggest piece of advice when booking your session is to research your photographer. Look at their style, and be sure it’s one you like. Reach out and ask questions as far as what you can expect, the process from start to finish, what’s included, and release rights. You want to be sure you know what to expect and are comfortable with who you hire.

These sessions are an experience, a time to pamper yourself. Stop being intimidated and start getting inspired.

February 28, 2020

Inspired not Intimidated

  1. Trish says:

    Love love love!! That black strappy set is to die for! You’re such an inspiration to love yourself where you are and just go after what you want.

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