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Battling Confidence

Empowering Women

Boudoir’s can be a gift for anyone


We as women are changing.

Not only are we are making strides to better ourselves, but we are linking arms with those around us!  Women are empowering other women and it’s magical!

Bringing each other together, proclaiming that, YES! we all belong at the table! Can I be a little cliche and say, “Who runs the world?”…

Savannah has many titles; wife, mother, boss, entrepreneur. She has been a BeachBody coach for 5 years and has CHANGED HER LIFE! She is also pulling up many women around her, to do the same.

 Loving yourself is step one, step two? Is loving your neighbor. Boudoir’s are for empowring, they are for having fun and feeling sexy. Use them as gifts for loved ones, use them for yourself or gift them to someone you know needs to be pampered.

Here is her amazing session at Studio at Wharf Hill, in Smithfield Va. Hair and Makeup done by the wonderful Markia.

Richmond Boudoir Photographer Richmond Boudoir Photographer Richmond Boudoir Photographer


She’s one incredible Woman, Momma, Wife and Coach!

Beachbody Coach, Richmond Va

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February 18, 2019

Battling Confidence

  1. Gabrielle says:

    What a gorgeous setting and subject! So much beauty, strength and inspiration here! Love love love your work!

  2. Teri Blair Lucy says:

    These are so good! ❤️😍

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