This post is long overdue friends, and it’s such an important one! Sharing more about myself, because I feel that connecting with your photographer can really change the whole experience. Where I Started I took a film photography class in high school, which is when I started to love creating! Unfortunately, I didn’t pick it […]

Family beach portraits

Family trip to Beaufort NC   This is our first year without the lake house in Gaston, so we are doing our best to do all the trips we can, especially on holidays.  Memorial Day weekend marked our first Summer holiday vacation and we were on the way to Beaufort North Carolina.  One of the […]

I had never even been past the point where you pick up someone, at the airport. I’ve driven up, barely walked in, before I was out again. So needless to say, flying to the Silos, was a big deal for me. Que the anxiety, nervousness, excitement and pepto! This was my first flight ever, and […]

First there’s the age old question, “What do we wear?”. Where should we go? Need to make sure everyone has a nap, don’t forget the snacks, make sure the bribes are good! FAMILY PORTRAITS. I believe it’s safe to say that family portraits are every mothers most coveted, as well as dreaded occasion. This is […]