NC Museum of Art Engagement

NC Museum of Art Heather and Scooter were both fairly nervous, as of us usually are when having pictures taken. I assured them that I was there to give them direction every step of the way, and I’d like to think that Scooter may not feel as against pictures as he once had. I’m a […]

Why the Location of your Engagement Session is Important You’re engaged! This is a time filled with excitement and anticipation. You’ve chosen your photographer, and are planning your engagement session. Where will you go? I encourage all of my couples to share their love story with me, whether it’s high school sweethearts or you landed […]

Appomattox Manor, Hopewell Virginia

NC Art Museum, Raleigh North Carolina

JC Raulston Arboretum Engagement

Golden hour portraits

Summer Engagement Session At Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Meet Aaron and Cassie! This was my first time meeting Aaron, but I’ve known this beautiful bride to be for years. We have gone to school together since middle school, and she’s on of the sweetest people I know. I was thrilled when she asked me […]

Spring at chimborazo park richmond va

What to know what in the world you should wear for you engagement session? With me and honestly most portrait photographers, you get to have two outfits. Why? because it offers the chance to get done up, HAMU, fancy outfit, and some heels. It also then allows for a more casual look, something low key […]

Gorgeous golden hour engagement

Kyle and Victoria’s Golden Hour Exploring Richmond City   I believe it was a solid 45 degrees, and we were quickly taking jackets on and off. Victoria is from New York, so she managed perfectly and Kyle was definitely used to the crazy Virginia temperatures! This sweet couple became engaged in November, during Maymont’s Garden […]

College Lifestyle

Couples Downtown Lifestyle  A cozy in home session   Remember the days of waking up by noon, throwing something on and texting your guy/gal, “What’s for lunch?”. You’re nearing the end of the school year, one more semester to go and then DONE! These are the best years of your life, right? On top of […]