Weekend in Charleston A couples getaway Ashley & Matt were so much fun! We started out with some Ice cream cones at Off The Track Ice cream! Did you know they have homemade vegan ice cream too! It was such a perfect spot to start the shoot. We went from there to Rainbow Row, then […]

Golden Hour at the Arboretum JC Raulston Arboretum, Raleigh NC   I’d love to introduce you to Jeffery & Erica Fuller! Jeffery is an amazing carpenter and Erica is an amazing wedding planner. We bonded quickly over Oliva Pope and her wine glasses, as well as a shared love of all things tacos & margaritas. […]

College Lifestyle

Couples Downtown Lifestyle  A cozy in home session   Remember the days of waking up by noon, throwing something on and texting your guy/gal, “What’s for lunch?”. You’re nearing the end of the school year, one more semester to go and then DONE! These are the best years of your life, right? On top of […]

As a wedding photographer, I get a several email inquires, especially this time of year. The beginning of September, is when I received Megan’s email. I remember reading it several times because it was one of those emails that as a professional you dream of. She began with explaining that she had JUST gotten engaged, […]

I’ve known Kimia for about 2 years now, she is the best friend of my ‘Sister-inlaw’ Lisa, (I say it like that because they are in fact family but technically cousins, but we view them as brother and sister)! When I first met Kimia I could understand immediately why her and Lisa were best friends. […]

Being a natural light photographer is amazing, I love being outside and having a variety of backdrops. My family has recent acquired a beautiful piece of property in Chesterfield County VA and it couldn’t be more perfect for any session. This engagement session had been rescheduled due to rain and we had attempted to shoot […]

Brian and Vanessa have been married for 8 years , they have two children, Savannah 8 and Liam 4. Marriage alone can be hard at times not to mention being a mom and dad too! I know after my husband and I had kids it became a constant battle to manage it all, our relationship, […]

I’m here to make my couples look and feel good, as well as having fun in the process. Creating an experience that is fun and memorable is a big priority for me. I help with finding a location to shoot, advise you on the best times to start the session, and give you all the […]

Best part about being a photographer? Being the one who knows all the secrets! Between surprise proposals and expecting announcements, it’s just all so good! So when Lisa asked if I could shoot this for her, YOU GUYS, I was jumping up and down! These two mean the world to me, and the fact they […]

Up until you have kids, your wedding day is the biggest moment in your life! It’s also the last time you and your partner had portraits of just you two! I get it, once you start having babies, it’s all about them, life happens and you forget. How are you supposed to schedule an evening […]