A Family Lifestyle Session

What to Expect, When shooting with Kids

Advice from a Lifestyle Photographer

I have been photographing families for over five years and I’ve been doing lifestyle sessions for a good three years. There’s one thing I’ve learned about photographing children especially in their home, go with the flow.

It’s always good to be lighthearted and flexible. Kids are going to do crazy things. They will want all the attention, and then they’re going to want to be ignored.

This lifestyle session was the perfect example! I started out with mom, and baby brother. Giving sister time to see who I was, see what I was doing. This gives her time to come around when she’s a little more ready.

This is also a great opportunity to win over dad. He’s used to showing up for a session and having to do all the things. Lifestyle sessions are great because he’s home! He’s more comfortable and you really can call him when you need him. Win.

I reassure my families that there is no rush to the session. If there needs to be feedings, or a break for toddlers. Anything from treats, or pictures with their favorite toy, all of that is totally OK!

I had such a blast with the Peck family. Blakely was extremely entertaining and even put on her very best princess dress for me. I love it when families can be themselves and I get to photograph at all.


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