NC Museum of Art Engagement

Raleigh Spring Engagement

NC Museum of Art

Heather and Scooter were both fairly nervous, as of us usually are when having pictures taken. I assured them that I was there to give them direction every step of the way, and I’d like to think that Scooter may not feel as against pictures as he once had.

I’m a pro at making fun of myself, making things awkward but in a fun way. I always tell my clients, the more awkward the better it looks! I was so excited as we walked further into the park, too see some beautiful blossoming trees! They looked fantastic and I’m sure his favorite part was nuzzling, haha.

I promise to always guide you, earn your trust and to have a good time! Engagement sessions may not seem important but this is a crucial session where we meet, and learn the feel for how the day of your wedding will be! You’ll be a pro, and if not you’ll at least have confidence in me to get you there!


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