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4 Tips for doing newborn lifestyle portraits

One of the main reasons for choosing to do a newborn lifestyle session, is to be able to capture your baby in the nursery and home you’ve designed. Most mothers start planning their babes nursery, the second they get those two pink lines! It’s exciting, fun, and seeing the finished product is so gratifying. So why wouldn’t you want to have a photo session in it?

  1. What to Wear

For my personal style of editing, neutrals and solids are best! The focus should be on your family and the tiny features of your baby. I also suggest comfortable clothes, you’ll be sitting and cuddling and you’ll want to be sure you can do those things easily.

2. A Happy Baby

Have the heat on, it can be just a couple notches above normal, this will keep your little one warm and happy, especially when being moved about. Feed as close to your photographers arrival as possible. Feedings can obviously happen during the session, but if baby is full and warm at the start, this can allow the photographer to get individual shots of them first. Sound machines can be super helpful. I try to do my best to move baby as little as possible, but I also want to be sure to give you a variety of images with both you and your husband getting individual shots. Sometimes the added white noise can help with soothing, while baby is being handled.

3. Tidy Up

I don’t want you going into a cleaning frenzy, especially since you’re still healing and most likely exhausted! Figure out one or two areas that you plan to shoot in (rooms with the most natural light), and just tidy up. This will help the session move quickly, and provide great images without distracting items in the background.

4. Enjoy

I allot enough time in my lifestyle sessions for fussy babies, feedings, and diaper changes (several). Your baby’s needs come first. So rock them for 20 minutes, feed them every 10, it’s all perfectly fine. Every baby and family is different and I’m here for all of it!


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