Tips for Family Photos

How to rock your next family photo session!

Family photos can be fun and enjoyable, but that isn’t what comes to mind is it? I know the solitary thought of dressing everyone can be daunting. I have been photographing families of all sizes for years and I know what works…and what doesn’t!


I think (by now) we all know that wearing the signature outfit of jeans and white t-shirts isn’t a good look for anyone. So what does coordinate mean? I always start with myself (mom) first because if we aren’t happy with what we’re wearing, no one is happy. Find something you LOVE! Ideally, stay away from bold primary colors- they are just really harsh on camera. Pastels (or even darker versions of primary colors) can work for my style of photography. So instead of red, choose maroon. Instead of yellow, choose mustard…see where I’m going? Then, go to the oldest child and work down. I’ve always found dressing dad is the least work, haha- so save the easiest for last! Pick out colors that blend well with your outfits. Patterns can be ok but in very small quantities.

2. Discuss your goals with your family!

Kids are nuts. They know when to fly off the handle and be ridiculous- and isn’t it always when we need them not to be? aka when you’ve paid for a session. Emotions can run high and kids will sense it. Sit down with them, tell them about pictures, and how excited you are. Practice your smiles! Please also know that this is no guarantee, because with children, there are NO GUARANTEES! Explaining things can sometimes really help, and give them an understanding that they’ll be doing something special! And also, there is always bribery.

3. Don’y Yell.

I understand 100% of the frustration of not having when your children do not do what they should be doing. It’s ok. We can take a break and I can take pictures of other members individually. I will work around it and can promise to still get shots you love. Yelling commands, will not turn out well- they will tune us out and continue on their merry way… leaving you feeling defeated and angry. Deep breaths and trust me!

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