Brian & Kimia Tran

A Glamorous Bellevue Wedding

Chantilly, Virginia

You may remember this stunning couple, from their historic Alexandria, engagement session, and I can say with confidence that their wedding was just as captivating. I arrived at the gorgeous Bellevue, early Saturday morning. As soon as I stepped off the elevator, you could hear the excitement exuding from the two bridal suites! There was music, laughter, and a whole lot of hairspray. After giving all the hugs and hellos, I gathered up her details and practically giddy, started shooting.  It’s always so funny to me to see the difference of ladies getting ready to men getting ready. Alyse and I scurried over to the hotel across the street, to grab some shots of the guys hanging out. Now, when approaching their room, there was music and laughter, but a lot less hairspray. These guys looked SHARP! They all wore classic black tux’s and were the most handsome bunch of men I’d seen. There were beers being passed as well as humorous conversations.

The day was amazing, it was an overcast day with rain coming in waves, but the bride and groom handled it like pro’s! After a beautiful catholic ceremony, we headed back to the Bellevue to finish up shots of the wedding party and the just married couple.

A glamorous Bellevue Wedding A glamorous Bellevue wedding Alexandria Wedding Photographer Glamorous Bellevue Wedding

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