Spring at chimborazo park richmond va

Jess & Augi’s Downtown Engagement

What to know what in the world you should wear for you engagement session? With me and honestly most portrait photographers, you get to have two outfits. Why? because it offers the chance to get done up, HAMU, fancy outfit, and some heels. It also then allows for a more casual look, something low key but still stunning. Having this variety is so important and even though you may say, “Well, changing would be a hassle,” or “Nah, we’ll just stick to one, because it’s hard enough picking one outfit”. I get it but I here for you! Call me, FaceTime me, send me pictures of stuff while your shopping! You’ll thank me and yourself later.  When booking a session with me, I always send you my nifty little style guide. This guide covers couples and families, do’s and don’ts.

Jess and Augi are more familiar than most when it comes to being in front of the camera. Jess’ best friend is actually a portrait photographer! Lucky me she’s my friend too and because she’s in the wedding, so I was graced with being the soon to be Ayers’ Wedding photographer. These two looked perfect! They complimented each other perfectly and the flowier the dress the better.

Beautiful Richmond spring engagement Beautiful Richmond spring engagement


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