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Remember the days of waking up by noon, throwing something on and texting your guy/gal, “What’s for lunch?”.

You’re nearing the end of the school year, one more semester to go and then DONE! These are the best years of your life, right? On top of almost graduating, heading to the “real world” (whatever that is), you get to do it with you best friend! You’ve been together since freshman year and now you’re about to embark on some amazing new journeys…TOGETHER!

As much as you’re ready to be done and move on with the school life, these are IN FACT precious of times. These are the days you’ll look back on with the ultimate fondness. Yes, even when you’re sharing a place with three other people and you may be the only one who ever notices that the sink is full, the trash is overflowing and last weeks Chinese food is still on your bedside table.

Jake & Brittany are amazing! Holding on strong to 22, Chipotle, and shots at 11am! Ahh the life! I had so much fun capturing their love and fun, and I mean fun! He’s in Grad school, at VCU and Shes finishing up senior year at JMU.

This is what you want to remember.

Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

               OK, I’ll Roshambo for lunch!

Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer College Lifestyle Raleigh Lifestyle Photographer

  1. I haven’t seen a lot of in-home lifestyle sessions with couples – all of them I’ve done have been with small children. Love it!


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