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Reasons Why to have a Lifestyle Session

Helpful tips for your session

 Most of the time it’s for newborns, but why should you have to wait that long? You love your partner, right? You love your home, you’ve designed it into something that gives you that “Ahhhhhh” feeling when you walk in the door! You deserve to have these memories now!

Here are a few tips to help our session run as smoothly as possible!


1. Tidy up! 
I will be shooting in areas of the house with a lot of windows and natural light. Typically, this includes the master bedroom, kitchen and living room. I would suggest making the bed and clearing up clutter and distracting elements! Upon my arrival, I will have you show me around, so determine which rooms will suit us best. 

2. Wardrobe
Lighter, neutral tones photograph well. I suggest avoiding heavy patterns, bold colors, and graphics. Choose something you feel comfortable in. I definitely want you to be you, so if there is something that you think negates this, we can certainly address it and figure a way to incorporate it. This session is about you and your family! 

3. Session Extras
The idea for these is to be comfortable and relaxed, so whether that means brewing coffee, feeding your babies snacks, slow dancing in the living room, loving on your fur babies, or reading books, I want it all! Every couple/family is unique, so if there is something you all love and want to incorporate it just let me know!

4. Relax and have fun! 
I aim to capture the raw, authentic moments. I will give direction when needed but will have you prepared beforehand, so that it’s a breeze. If your life is chaos, unpredictable, and just an insane circus, that’s cool too! Honestly, that’s my life most days. Amen?

I hope my examples are insightful and inspiring! No matter what stage in life you’re in, I can’t wait to create some amazing images for you! 


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