About Jaimi Bailey Photography

I started my own photography business for two reasons:

I’ve been a photographer since I was in high school and it’s something I love. I continuously learn and create and it’s a job that lets me do what I enjoy—helping people capture priceless memories.

After starting a family of my own, I realized how hard it was for people to get high quality family photos at reasonable prices. You either had to pay a small fortune for a boutique photography studio, or you paid a low cost and received a mediocre set of portraits from a chain store. When it comes to family photos, I don’t think anyone should be barred from getting high quality portraits. I make my pricing as fair as possible and deliver studio-grade photographs.

Jaimi Bailey Photographer
Jaimi Bailey Portrait Photographer

About Me

I’m a wife and mother of two little boys with a little girl on the way. I’ve been doing on-location, natural light sessions for four years and have a number of repeat clients (some of whom I travel to for yearly or special occasion shoots). I was a photographer’s assistant and student before that.

I started in a dark room learning how to develop film and process film and use enlargers. These days I’m 100% digital, but I bring the unique training and expertise of film photography to my digital work. What you get in the end is something very much like what you’d see in magazines or ads. You’ll notice that the pictures “feel” different from most digital photography and this is especially true compared to in-studio portraits.

Often, clients have concerns surrounding photographing their children. It’s often a challenge, but as a mother of three, it’s a challenge I’m used to. I’m good with kids, patient, and very understanding. I know that keeping the kids happy really helps to deliver great photos. I see it as part of my job. Take a breath—family portraits and holiday photos don’t have to be stressful. They can be fun and I do my best to make them so.