On-Location Family Photography in Raliegh, NC

Everyone deserves to have high quality photos of their family and of moments they cherish. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to have gallery quality portraits made. This often means packing up the family to stand under hot lights in small shops hidden in strip malls and department stores. There’s ugly backdrops, unrealistic props, and sometimes pushy salespeople. For many, that’s the sacrifice they make just to have quality portraits of their families.

I never thought that was fair, fun, or good photography– so I decided to do something about it. As a photographer with five years in the industry and as a mother, I set out to create an affordable family portrait solution because we deserve to have pictures of our family so that we can remember them as we see them now.

That’s why I use natural light and shoot on-location. To make those photo albums glow with the real you– All without breaking the bank.

Beautiful Photos at an Affordable Price

Raleigh, NC definitely has more than its share of portrait photographers. But one thing you’re likely to find is that there isn’t much difference in what they do and how they do it.

I don’t use hot lights (electric studio lighting)– my photos utilize natural light to give a warm, unique glow to every photo. And since I don’t have tons of expensive equipment, I don’t have to charge you as much as most professional photography studios.

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Custom portrait photography

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